Friday, September 29, 2006

My son, J1, has been having a difficult time with negativity. Everything irritates him. This is not new. He has always had a very type A personality. He is very rigid about his routines, becomes easily frustrated when things go awry, and generally always believes he is right. Lately, it seems as if the only way he knows how to interact with all of us is through conflict or arguing. Even fun times degrade into a battle. If it weren't so irritating to deal with it would almost be comical.

While praying about it last night, I kind of felt a nudge from the Lord. I realized that I no longer have any private, just fun, time with only him. His younger brother, J2, gets pockets of time each day when it's just us and we can read a book or play a game because he isn't in full-time school yet. But, J1 goes to first grade each day, comes home, does his homework, has a snack, and then time to play with his brother. I am there during all of this, but so is his brother. More often than not, conflict will arise between them, usually initiated by J1, and I will have to correct him or intervene. As a result, I realized that a lot of our interaction is not positive, fun-loving, or peaceful.

I am going to try and find a way to carve out some special time just for us. I really think that he needs some reassurance and love for just him. I am hoping that I can turn this thing around for him.

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