Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of the new family toys we purchased this Christmas was an iPad. With two kids needing the computer for research, papers and gaming, it was becoming challenging for all four of us to have the access we needed and wanted with one Mac. I really wanted a laptop but couldn't justify the expense of a macbook right now. The iPad has gone a long way toward relieving the need for a second computer, allowing two people to be browsing the internet, checking e-mail, looking up directions/recipes/game tips at the same time.

However, I am disappointed with the way it works with Blogger. If I access Blogger through Safari, it is very buggy....constantly freezing up, giving error messages, losing cursor control, etc. I downloaded the Blogger app for iOS and it presents a very minimal word processor with no real features, such as spellcheck, font size, color, italics/blod/ underline...etc.

A disappointment to be sure.

One of the things I asked for for Christmas was a wireless keyboard to go with the iPad because typing anything of length on a touchpad is annoying. It seems to be working well and is what I am currently using to type this post.....which I am sure you will all realize is just a rambling post for me to experiment with my new toys....nothing to see here.


James McGrath said...

There is a free Blogger app which is what you need to use for blogging. The key to the iPad is getting used to using designated apps where, on a PC or Mac, you would use the same web browser.

There are also relatively inexpensive apps that make blogging easy and fun.

But even in a browser, there are taps to select a word and then change the font or copy and paste which take time to get used to, but once you do, are manageable.

Hope you come to enjoy the iPad!

James McGrath said...
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