Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Analysis on Florida

This is pretty much spot-on analysis of Florida:

And then there was this article about Florida evangelicals which is also pretty accurate.

And another article about debunking myths about Florida voters.

Florida is an incredibly diverse state that can't be pinned down. Even its ethnic groups have sub-groups.  Hispanic/Latino might mean Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or a number of nationalities from Central and South America.....and those groups often do not share political or cultural commonalities.

The same goes for African Americans. In Florida that term could represent people from Jamaica, first and second generation Africans, people from Haiti, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands as well as the more traditional conception of "African American". The term itself is outdated and not entirely accurate here.

There is a large population of bi-racial and multi-racial people and those combinations may be black/white, hispanic/ white, black/hispanic, white/asian, black/asian, bi-racial/bi-racial.

I believe this is why Florida is so important during major elections, there is literally no portion of the American population that isn't represented here....not only in certain pockets, but throughout the state.

And that racial diversity is mirrored in religious diversity and age diversity in as complex a manner.

It's like a mini United States here.

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