Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer's Under Way

Almost a whole month since I've updated!

It's been a busy month.  The Rationalist finished fifth grade with a 2 hour long awards ceremony. Even though it dragged on, it was actually quite touching to see him and all of his classmates over the years, grown up, dressed up and being recognized for all of their achievements. Almost everyone received some sort of award and it was great to hear the PE, Music and Art teachers introduce the talented students they had worked with.

Afterwards, we all went to The Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory dinner, otherwise known as "the fanciest restaurant I've ever been to" according to The Rationalist. That tells you how frequently we eat out at a "real" restaurant!

I had decided that this summer was going to be the Summer of Home Repair and Maintenance.  I spent the first week of the summer break painting our bedroom and trying to find a paint color that my husband didn't reflexively hate.  That's not easy.

Eventually, I finished the bedroom and am now moving on to the rest of the house.  I'm considering painting the living room a deep red...mainly because my natural inclination is to pick out something boring, neutral and bland. If it turns out like a French bordello I may have to repaint.

Last week, we spent the entire week at Anna Maria Island, one of my favorite places to visit the beach on the Gulf side of Florida. It's quieter, more family oriented and not totally bogged down with traffic, crowds of roaming teenagers, tourist shops or high rise condos. Plus, It's incredibly beautiful; fine, white, sandy beaches, blue-green water and gorgeous sunsets.
The boys had a great time swimming, trying to body surf on the tiny waves that the gulf usually provides. Outside of really bad weather, the Gulf tends to be very calm, which makes it great for paddle-boarding, or kayaking, or fishing....but not so cooperative for boys wanting crashing waves that propel them forward with powerful surges.

I've got a few things simmering in my head that I might blog about....but it's hard to promise anything during the Summer of Home Repair and Maintenance.

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